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      Meet our Chief Audiologist
"I believe that hearing is one of our most precious gifts. The ability to communicate effectively should not be taken for granted. For the past 17 years, I have dedicated my entire career toward research, advocacy, and programs to help all individuals  receive hearing aids. I bring this knowledge to my patients, everyday, to ensure that they are receiving the latest and right hearing aid technology.  Success with hearing aids includes receiving routine hearing evaluations, hearing aid checks and  understanding  hearing loss though patient education. I understand the variety of options for improving hearing health from the use of hearing aids and tinnitus devices. My special interests include hearing disease and disorders, neuro-otology, tinnitus, hearing aid technology. While cherishing my establish patients, I look forward to working with new individuals  who are ready for improved hearing."

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With more than 7 years in business, Virginia Professional Hearing Aid Center (VPHAC) is a comfortable, contemporary, and upscale audiology practice that believes in taking pride in our clients.  Our philosophy is to show a strong professional commitment to the clients of whom we serve by providing top notch service. We provide a range of hearing aid services to children and adults. The audiologists at VPHAC are certified with dual licenses to practice in the state of Virginia. In fact, it is a requirement for our providers to update their competency in the area of hearing aid technology annually to better serve our clients. 

At Virginia Professional Hearing Aid Center, we offer the latest hearing aid technology. We have a wide range of hearing aid styles for children and adults.  Since we understand that everyone's hearing loss is different, we believe in spending time with our clients and their families to find the right hearing aids.                                  

We offer payment plan options and accept private health insurance. 

In addition, we have resources to assist with the cost of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, so we can help anyone interested in receiving assistance with their hearing loss.

We offer a 30 day trial period to ensure that you are satisfied with your hearing aids. In addition we offer a same day Hearing Aid Clinic.

We offer ample parking, two easy to find locations and the best hearing healthcare services in Richmond and the Tri cities areas. 
The Virginia Professional Hearing Aid Center is more than just a company.  It is a dynamic hearing aid center which focuses on the future of hearing loss and tinnitus solutions. 

To schedule an appointment call  (804) 330-1350.


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